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When do we Pakistanis start trusting each other?

Ok here are the pictures you might looking for, I know you have heard from someone that “hey have you seen those pictures in which Asma Sherazi, Rashida Siyal, Saima Mohsin, Meher Bukhari and Shaukat Paracha were dancing with foreigners and drinking” and you might have answered “NO” and here you are, without thinking “they cannot do that” you might searched “TV anchors scandal” or any other search term which takes you to this website. Now look at the pictures and decide yourself “what the hell is wrong in these pictures” every one has its personal life, personal right to do whatever he/she wants to do, that is exactly what happened with the players of Pakistani Hockey team, as few girls took pictures with them and we made that a big issue. And let me ask you another question before you criticize them by saying “these are the anchors of Islamic country” do you pray five times a day? If you do then do comment, what ever you want to criticize just write it, but if you don’t pray then you don’t have the right to criticize them in Islamic point of view.



  1. haseeb

    yes i do offer prayer five times in a day.and also used to think same about asma sherazi,,i do,n have any problem with other femailes ,because their out look always tells us what would they be in their internal lives,but i never ever beleive taht ASMA can do such kind of rubbish thing,,she should be shamefull,,she should give up her dress which she is wearing since she joined media,.show us what she is,,,what,s her real face

  2. yasmin

    What has any of these ladies done that you square head lunatics tal about? Where the dancing pictures? You call yourself Muslims and then TUHMUT other ladies. Shame on you.

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