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MQM richest party, PPP poorest

56 registered political parties of the country including PPP, PML-N, MQM, ANP and PML-Q have submitted the details of their assets and bank accounts with the Election Commission under the Article 13 of the Political Parties Orders 2002.

All the submitted details of the assets have been verified by the Chartered Accountants.
According to reports received by the Election Commission MQM is the richest party of the country whose moveable, immovable and cash assets are near Rs 90 million. The party income for year 2008-09 stands around at Rs 77.04 million while expenditures were Rs 37.67 million.

The ruling party PPP surprisingly has no property in the country and the cash assets are merely RS 435,000.

During year 2009 only Rs 600 were spent from party accounts.

PML-N moveable, immoveable and cash assets stand at more that Rs 70.6 million and the income of party was Rs 5.80 million while expenditures were RS 4.10 million.

PML-Q immoveable assets for 2009 were Rs 54.62 million and cash assets Rs 1.34 million.

During the last year the party income was Rs 11.88 million while expenditures were Rs 12.11 million.

PML- and PML-N also not only have declared PML buildings in Lahore and Islamabad as their property but also have shown the expenditures on it in their declarations.

Awami National Party has also declared its moveable and immovable property for 2009 at Rs 27 million and RS 1.8 million account balance.

The party income for last year was RS 3 million and expenditures 0.50 million. Jamaat-e-Islami declared its moveable and immoveable property of more than Rs 1.5 million. During last year JI income was at more than RS 4 million while expenditures were more than RS 5 million.

PML Functional income last year was Rs 1.4 million and expenditures more that Rs 1.3 million.

The moveable and immovable assets of the party are more that RS 0.6 million. Awami Muslim League has no bank balance while Tehrik-e-Istaqlal Bank Balance is mere Rs 5000.


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