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Why are we taking IPL so seriously are we some kind of losers?

Well Well Well, Not a single Pakistani cricketer is invited in IPL. So what? Can’t we see what IPL stands for “INDIAN PREMIER LEAGE” it is not “International Premier League” I do not understand why our Ministers, the anchors of TV channels and those retired cricketers are taking this so seriously. Though I can understand why the retired cricketers are making this an issue because they wanted to come on TV as they have nothing else to do but why do they are saying all the Pakistanis to boycott IPL because they (Indians) did not invite Pakistani cricketers? Why our Government is blaming the Indian Government by Saying “your hand is in the absence of Pakistani Players in IPL” Array baba it is their personal right that who ever they invite and whoever they do not, but by saying we will boycott and why they did not invite we are making the impression of losers, and for GOD sake Indians will laugh on this, the more we protest the more they enjoy. Come-on guys what have we lost? Have we spent any money on IPL so that now when they did not invite our players we decided to protest because we lost bundle of money? No we don’t, so please stop reacting like a loser, and show the Indians the attitude that “we do not care what ever you do as we have nothing to do with IPL”.


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