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Indian govt declares Pakistan’s Former Air Chief a “hero”

The Indian government’s issued a full-page ad on the occasion of the National Girl Child Day featuring the photograph of former Pakistan Air Chief Marshal Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed along with its national heroes such as cricketers Kapil Dev, Virender Sehwag and classical musician Amjad Ali Khan.

The advertisement, splashed in all major newspapers and thereafter on all television channels and the electronic media, who then started to criticize their government for publishing the picture of Pakistani Air Chief by saying “don’t we have our own heroes to be displayed in the advertisement”.

The ad was issued by the Indian Ministry for Women and Child Development on Sunday, Jan 24.

The Indian Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement and said it apologises for the inclusion of photograph of a “foreign national” in the government advertisement on girl child. The PMO has also ordered an internal inquiry into the lapse.

On the other hand the former PAF chief Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed (2006-2009), amused over his photo in the Indian government advertisement and described it as in “innocent mistake”

On being informed about the faux pas, Ahmed said: “I wasn’t aware about this as I don’t really watch much of the media. Anyway, I was busy with a golf match and didn’t know about this development.”

“I guess it’s just one of those errors. It must be an innocent mistake,” said Ahmed, who retired as PAF chief in March last year.


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