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Afridi out from T-20 after tampering the ball

The captain of Pakistan cricket team Shahid Afridi, has embarrassed the whole Pakistani team and the people of Pakistan by tampering the ball with his teeth at a time when this act was not even needed at all.

Afridi has been banned from the two T-20 matches, decision made by match referee after Afridi admitted that he did tried to bite the ball.

All this happened Just when Australia needed 35 runs to win on 30 balls, a footage, captured by one of the 26 cameras that were covering the match, come on screen which showed Afridi seen biting the ball with his teeth and he did this twice during the match.

It’s not yet clear why such an experience player in Pakistani squad did such a shameful act in his first ever ODI match as a captain.



  1. What a shame and cheap mistake by Afridi.I am in UK and been told by my freinds that what happened. Now I have seen the footage and felt embarrased. He shwoed that he has got no quality to be a captain of the team.I hope PCB bann him for couple of months because he made whole country embarassed.Very shame and its not acceptable.

  2. We saw

    We saw lot of things, and can guess what we haven’t seen. This is not an accident, this is a regular case.

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