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NUML incident: Remains of dictator damaging the system like termites: Saira Khan

The recent gloomy incident at NUML university shows that how the remains of a dictator are functioning actively against the democratic Government. This was what President Zardari hinting time and again that remains of dictatorship are damaging the system like termites, until relics of dictatorship are eliminated, democracy cannot flourish in Pakistan.

The recent incident is alarming for every citizen that forced to think Pakistan people that how long military would go on dominating civilians. The imbroglio by military on Kerry Lugar bill and fuss on putting agencies under civilian rule were the lucid example of mentality of our military rulers.

Pakistan’s military actively undermined the civilian government and thwarted the democratic process. Since Pakistan came into being, autocracy, subverted civilian rule constantly shoving off country into the era of darkness. What Mush did with this nation during 8 years rule? What Zia did with this nation, we are still reaping, what field marshal Ayub Khan gave to this nation? And once again relics of dictatorship fully cons pirating to topple the civilian rule.

Pakistan’s military publicly and privately resisted the government’s reconciliation efforts in the troubled province of Balochistan and attempts to locate people “disappeared” there during General Pervez Musharraf’s military rule. The military also opposed the international community’s attempts to end military intervention in the political and judicial processes through aid conditions.

After eight years of disastrous military rule and in spite of the election of a civilian government, the army appears determined to continue calling the shots in order to ensure that it can continue to perpetrate abuses with impunity. I could still remember the entanglement by political quarters and media when Zardari hinted towards some elements that want edto intervene in democratic process. I want to ask what they would utter after this incident. Zardari’s reservations and fear are thousand times true.

We should confess that military personnel always deem them above rule of law and it would be much more fruitful for the future of Pakistan that military should work under civilian head. It is the only way to block put-schists.

Saira Khan contributes this article via email



  1. Yasir

    Saira Its your good effort to write a very good calumn on this issue .


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