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Life of a Pakistani cheapest in the world

Before I start let me compare Pakistan’s one week with Indian fourteen months.

In a recent statement the Indian Interior Minister P Chidambaram said that “not a single incident of terrorism has been happened in India from the last fourteen months” but in Pakistan, not a single day from the last one week has passed, in which we have not heard about the death of the innocent people of Pakistan who died in different incidents, took placed in different cities of Pakistan.

More than 50 people have been died in all these incidents which occurred all over Pakistan in the last one week.

Well I am not here to criticize the government or authorities (though they deserve this) because if I do, some people would say, I am against the democratic government so I am not going to do that.

I am just here to share my thoughts about the families who lost their near and dear ones without any reason. What if you are sitting in your office, doing work or enjoying coffee with your friends, or sleeping at your home and your telephone rang and some one says “your, son, brother, father, mother, daughter or child has been died in firing or suicide attack?

Can you realize the feelings what that person felt after he listen this shocking news? No we cannot, it is so sad that we don’t even know who should we fight? Who are these people who are killing our innocent brothers and sisters….

All these regular attacks have made us so use too that we do not care to listen that news in which it says that “one person killed”, because we are use too of those attacks in which 10, 20, 40, or even 50 people lost their lives than we start saying “oh Pakistan is burning” but we might never thought about that one person who would have been a life for someone.

Even the newspapers now do not publish the news of that incident that takes one or two lives or if they publish it would be single column news, somewhere at the end of the newspaper.

Do you know that what is the most common reaction of a Pakistani who heard the news of a blast or firing? “Oh God please Bless Pakistan” not this one? Ok then what about this “Oh my goodness, situation in Pakistan is getting worse and worse, when would it be stable?

But right when the news anchors say “Breaking news ends, we will come back after a short break stay tuned” we change the news channel the news channel and that’s it.

I do not know why, but we the Pakistanis have a very short time memory, we forget issues so quickly, we are not like Indians who raised one attack on Mumbai on every floor of the World, they investigate the issue properly and within days they assured the world that Pakistan is involved in Mumbai attacks, at least their government investigated and there they are, not a single incident in fourteen consecutive months.

But in Pakistan, we are facing a Mumbai type attack every single day but not a single incident here has investigated properly and until no proper investigation of the issues would be happened these incidents cannot not be controlled because right now, we are not even sure who is the real enemy of Pakistan, is it India, is it America, Taliban or our own people against us.

At least tell us that who should we fight so what we all could be united to fight against that evil and get our country out of this mess.


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  1. samana

    here in pakistan, everybody is corrupt; from ministers to man in street. if someone raise his/her voice against so called democratic system, he/she get punishe for that or been shot by ANIMALS of higher authority. need of the time is to remove experienced politicians and all corrupted people from the surface of pakistan and come up with new, enthusiastic, talented young leaders. strengthen relations with inner rebellions, accept those one who are from one of us but frustrated and thwarted on us. time to unite. i m not in favor of talibans but we need their support to stop these terrorist activities.

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