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President, Governor Sindh announce Rs 1 million, Rs 0.5 million for Naseem Hameed

The Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat-ul-Ibad has awarded Rs 0.5 million as token of appreciation while President has announced Rs 1 million to Naseem Hameed after becoming the fastest sprinter of South Asia and winning a gold medal for Pakistan at the South Asian Games.

Talking to media persons at Karachi Airport while welcoming Naseem Hameed the Governor said that the gold medalist has brought honor for the country in whole world. He said that she has given world recognition to Pakistan through sports.

He said that the talented sportsmen like Naseem Hamid would be supported by the government and they would be provided all the modern facilities and sports equipment.

In a quick chat at the airport, Naseem said that she has come after fulfilling all the expectations with which she had gone to Dhaka.

Naseem said that she would work hard with more zeal and spirit in future.

She said that she is more glad to earn her country Pakistan and her township Korangi a great name.


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