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Stay single, stay slim

A new study conducted by the University of North Carolina says that the loving relationship between married couples increases their waistline too. Couples start piling on the pounds in about 12 months after getting hitched.

Two researchers, Penny Gordon-Larsen, an associate professor of nutrition, and Natalie The, a nutrition doctoral student, both with the University of North Carolina, Gillings School of Global Public Health, found out that couples who are married, face the risk of becoming obese than compared to people, in romantic relationships, who are not living together.

Nutritionists and doctors feel that when women get married, they undergo a lot of physical and psychological changes. And this is manifested both internally and externally. “Once a girl gets married, she also undergoes many emotional and hormonal changes. They also develop a general sense of well-being, that comes with having sex with the person you love. And all this increases one’s appetite,” says gynaecologist, Dr K Madan.

Nutritionist Shikha Sharma opines that there are more reasons to why women gain weight after marriage. “After marriage couples get invited to a lot of lunches and dinners by family and friends. There is a lot of unrestricted eating. Also women tend to let go their dietary control after they are married as they are at ease, with a sense of settlement, and their diet goes awry.” Grooming expert, Meyhar Bhasin also blames it on the post wedding dinner invites and the poor starved bride who had to be picture perfect for the wedding photos. Once all the pressure of the wedding is over, the women just indulge in whatever comes their way.

One would think that the urban woman would rubbish such thoughts, and aver that they follow a strict diet. But surprisingly, many of them concur with the experts’ views.
“I guess that is true, people who are married are happier and satisfied. They don’t have the pressure to look good all the time, and they stop worrying about their waistline. And then, the babies come along. And at some point down the line, they become less conscious about their appearances” explains Swapna Thomas, who works in FICCI.

Meenakshi Sud Dutt, who was a professional model before she got married, gained a lot of weight post marriage. But she’d like us all to believe that it’s all about loving your husband. “Following his lifestyle, preparing whatever he likes, eating together, going for parties together, all this tells on the figure,” she says.

Richa Arora, a housewife, gained weight post marriage, and says that after marriage she did feel more relaxed and settled and did not feel the need for shaping up, “Women are happy and once they get married there is a satisfaction that you don’t have to keep up with the whole ‘keep-in-shape’ routine everyday. Also after they get married, women usually think ab toh options khatam ho gaye and they don’t feel the need to lose weight. And the husband has to like you the way you are. Do they have a choice?” she quips.



  1. Iftikhar Ahmad

    I being a husband would like to opine that every male loves to see a wonderful and smart life partner when he returns home after a day long hectic schedule. If the lady at home starts deshaping early then there are chances that the man may start indulging with othe smart females around him in the office or in intimacy. So I request the ladies at home to try their best to remain in shape as much as possible.

  2. Katia Planagan

    Lots of Fantastic information in your blogpost, I favorited your site so I can visit again in the future, All the Best

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