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NA-55 Result: Rawalpindi rejects Sheikh Rashid

Shakil Awan, candidate of Pakistan Muslim League-N, is on way to a clear victory in today’s by-election in NA-55, unofficial results received from majority of the polling stations indicate.

Vote count started following the completion of polling for by-election in NA-55 constituency here amid cries of foul play by Chief of Awami Muslim League, Sheikh Rashid.

Shakil Awan was in lead right from receipt of the initial results (unofficial). His lead against Sheikh Rashid grew more and more as results continued to pour in.

During the day a couple of incidents of scuffle were reported. However, the overall law and order situation remained satisfactory.

Pakistan Muslim League-N in reaction to Sheikh Rashid’s allegations of rigging said the latter is raising hue and cry as a way of face saving in view of his defeat in sight.

Early morning rain in the city affected the polling arrangements but later voters starting coming out as clouds started to clear the sky. The turnout grew with time and picked momentum towards the end of polling hours.

The overall situation remained peaceful throughout the polling except for a few separate incidents of fights reported during the day.

Blaming the state machinery for alleged rigging, Sheikh Rashid said PML-N may go ahead and do whatever it wants, he will prove himself a tough competition.

Meanwhile, Jamat-e-Islam candidate Dr. Kamal expressed satisfaction on the election process and advised Sheikh Rashid to come forward with evidence of the alleged rigging.



  1. Sheikh rashid deserves this lost

  2. cum on ishah sheikh rasheed shows his power he got mur thn 40thousand vote ,,,shiekh rasheed har kr b jeeet gea

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