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PHF not to accept resignations of hockey players: Jakhrani

Federal Minister for Sports Ijaz Jakhrani has said that Pakistan Hockey Federation should not accept resignations of Pakistani Hockey players which had tenderd their resignations following their poor performance in the recent Hockey World Cup.

Ijaz Jakhrani while talking to media persons after meeting with President Pakistan Hockey Federation Qasim Zia and Pakistan Hockey players on Tuesday, said that match fixing in Hockey is very difficult and Pakistani team was under pressure after loosing its first match against India. He said that despite Sports Ministry, PHF would decide Asif Bajwa’s future.

The Sports Minister said that he personally met each and every player of Pakistani Hockey team except Captain Zeeshan Ashraf, adding that he was briefed in meeting about combined resignation, poor performance of players, and coordination between team management and players during Hockey World Cup.

Mr. Jakhrani said that main reasons behind defeat in World Cup was that after loosing first match against India Pakistani team came under pressure and shortage of tournaments against European team was the second main reason behind our defeat.

He further said that after meeting with players and team management we have not found any evidence, which show that matches were fixed, adding that he would meet and consult with former Olympians for the uplift of hockey.

Mr. Shakeel Abbsi and Rehan Butt while talking to media expressed that all players have accepted responsibility of poor performance in world cup and as response tendered their resignations while there was no dispute between team management and players. They further said that they would accept President PHF decision about them.


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