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Joint Sitting of Parliament postponed

The Joint sitting of Parliament, which was slated to be held today (Friday), has been postponed due to differences between Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) and Awami National Party (ANP) over new nomenclature for the NWFP.

On the other hand, representative of different political parties, who was also scheduled to sign the draft of the constitutional reforms bill Thursday at a meting of Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms (PCCR) was also postponed and it is expected that they would sign the bill today (Friday) at a simple ceremony, sources informed Online.

The committee members also expressed annoyance over PML-N after it failed to sort out issue with regard to renaming of NWFP. They adopted a stance that PML-N wants to sabotage PCCR and despite promises PML-N has withdrawn its stance over new nomenclature for the NWFP

Online when contacted a Spokesperson of the National Assembly Secretariat as saying the Assembly Secretaries has not received summary from Presidency with regard to summoning of joint sitting of Parliament but we had been orally asked to finalize arrangements in this respect.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani while talking to media men after a ceremony also admitted that he has not received a summary with regard to summoning of joint sitting of Parliament so far.


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  1. wasim watio

    Common people of pakistan have been enduring the giant problems of Inflation , unemployment and government corruption for a few years. Pakistanis get ready for another blow! Your government is going to impose three different taxes of Rs.80 billion. These taxes are reformed GST, increase in the percentage of income tax from 2-3% to 10% and a high-amount property tax for urban areas. The most cruel part of these ruthless taxes is that they would be imposed on the middle and lower class only. No tax is going to be imposed on the upper or the elite class. It is time to wake up. How would the already suffering people of pakistan be able to pay these cruel taxes . Why don’t our corrupt rulers impose taxes on the riches ? Why don’t they impose agriculture tax ?. The answer is simple that the elite class is actually the ruling class. I don’t see anything stopping the imposition of these taxes so get ready for the miserable life waiting for you. Pakistan is a poor country for its common people only because the elite class of our country has a life style which is highly luxurious than the rich people of western countries. What is the need of a 90-minister-cabinet. According to Transparency international a single minister’s expenditure is Rs.1 lac per day. Yes , you heard me right, it is rupees One lac per day. So how can one say that pakistan is a poor country. Pakistan is a poor country but for its common people only.

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