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List of media anchors paid by Malik Riaz

ISLAMABAD: The anchor of Hasb-e-Hal on Thursday said that the case of Malik Riaz has become defining moment in Pakistan’s history as it will help Pakistanis to understand where the actual problem lies. He is right in saying as this case has revealed stories which people might never be able to heard if this case would not have been registered.

In less than a week, this case has created such a mess that it has become difficult for a common person to differentiate right and wrong. From Judiciary to Army and from politicians to Media, the case continuously exposing people day in day out.

A similar thing happened with Pakistani media when 14th June, 2012 become a day of surprises for both media and their followers. First a leaked offline conversation of a talk show provoked public anger against media and then a 3 pager ( Page 1 of the list | Page 2 of the list | Page 3 of the list ) list of famous journalists’ paid by Bahria Town tells people that Money Can Buy Anything in Pakistan.

The list provided by the Bahria Town on its official letterhead shows that the Bahria Town had paid more than 1 billion rupees along with luxury cars, plots and sponsored trips of foreign countries to 16 renowned Journalists’ of Pakistan.

The list contains the names such as Hamid Mir, Aftab Iqbal, Najam Sethi, Sana Bucha, Mubashir Lucman, Dr. Shahid Masood, Kamran Khan, Hassan Nisar, Mazhar Abbas, Mehr Bukhari, Marvi Sirmed, Arshad Sharif, Nusrat Javaid, Mushtaq Minhas, Javed Chaudhry and Muneeb Farooq. All these journalists’ are said to be paid by Bahria Town.

The list also contains the bank account details from where the amount has been transferred. However one of the anchor Mehr Bukhari who, according to the list, has taken 50 lakh rupees from Malik Riaz, has completely denied the allegations and said that she will sue the Bahria administration after confirming that the list was circulated by the Bahria town. She said that she never took money from anyone and she can swear this.

Its not clear how authentic this list is but keeping the leaked offline conversation video in mind, the list make sense. The rest of the things will be cleared in a day or so.

Page 1 of the list | Page 2 of the list | Page 3 of the list

Video list of Paid Journalists’



  1. baig

    Khao pio muzay karo tumharey baap ka maal hay

  2. Nasir

    Mehr is already exposed in talkshow leaked video what was that if she desnot took money?

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