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Abbas Mushtaq, Editor

Breif Intro: Abbas, is also performing his duties as a reporter in a
Leading News Agency of Pakistan.

Contact: abbasmushtaq@jazbablog.com

Faisal Raza Khan, News Expert

Breif Intro: Mr. Faisal, is a reporter in Dawn TV and Jazba Blog is
really honored to have him in the team.

Contact: faisalraza@jazbablog.com

Waqas Siddiq, Photographer

Brief Intro: Waqas, is a well known Photographer of Islamabad. He
has done lot of fashion shots and also covering major news events
from the last six years. Jazba Blog is happy to have him in the team.


Mansoor Sadiq, Monitor News

Breif Intro: Mansoor, is performing his duties in a Wire-News
of Pakistan and for Jazba Blog he is Monitoring News.

Contact: mansoor@jazbablog.com

Mubeen Ahmed, Sports and Entertainment In charge

Breif Intro: Mubeen, is with Jazba Blog since its initial days and has
contributed a lot of news stories with JB.

Contact: mubeen@jazbablog.com

Muhammad Haseeb, Marketing Manager


Bilal Lone, Web Administrator

Contact: bilal@jazbablog.com

Jazba Blog is still looking for young new talent and would love to
have you in our team. If you are interested to contribute then email us
at email@jazbablog.com

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