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A view of snow fall in Rawlakot City which receives its first snow fall of the season.

    Rawalakot: Head of Suicide attacker can be seen near the army vehicle. Two army personnel have been injured in a suicide attack on army vehicle, some 15 kilometer away from Rawalakot on Saturday

      December 21: A man sells fishes alongside a road near Fatima Jinnah Park.

        December 13: Minister of State for Interior Tasneem Ahmad Qureshi giving away cheque to the winner of National Dangal Muqabla in Lahore.

          December 11: A beautiful view of the sunset seen from Daman-e-Koh.

            December 10: A man carries a guitar on his motorbike despite closure of all music activities due to threats from militant elements.

              December 07: Some pictures of the area of Moon Market where two consecutive blasts have been occurred on Monday night. At least 37 people have been killed and 100 others injured in this incident.

                December 07: A Pakistani man removes a gas cylinder from a burning rickshaw after a suicide bombing in central Peshawar. At least six people lost their lives and 40 persons sustain injuries in the audacious attack

                  December 06: A man selling chicken corn soup in his shop as this item of winter cannot be missed in the markets.

                    December 05: Students of Fatima Jinnah Medical College shout slogans in support of their demands during a demonstration rally on Mall Road

                      December 04: People look at the bodies of the people who were killed in a mosque suicide attack in Rawalpindi. Forty persons have been martyred, including children, and over 80 others injured in the terror attack at Parade Lane mosque in Rawalpindi.

                        December 03: Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani talking to Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in London

                          December 03: Chairman Baitul Mall Zamurad Khan and other disable persons taking a part in walk in connection with International Day for Disable Persons, passing through H-8.








                                        1. Jamshaid Ahmed


                                        2. noor

                                          cool pics

                                        3. diana

                                          good pics

                                        4. Massa


                                        5. raza

                                          hmmmmmmmmmm cool

                                        6. Adeel Ahmed

                                          Fine but only negative news breaking. I wonder how many Indian bloggers show only bad pics about their country and not their tourism, tech, IT, cultural, entertainment, military, medical even their slums?

                                          This is shame that we (so called patriotic Pakistanis) are voicing concerns in the same tone as our worst enemies are doing.


                                          • it is very easy to point finger. So Mr. Adeel Ahmed instead giving word to word reply of your comment to start a new argument (baseless) i am offering you to join my blog and start showing positive pictures of Pakistan, can you do that? by the way let me tell you one more thing as you presented a very good picture of India here, so let me add a little more, i don’t think that Indian people criticize their own mates without knowing the real issue, there is a big difference between their and our people’s thinking. Our people’s favorite hobby is criticism and that is what they are doing, they will criticize the issue which they never heard of they criticize a blog which they even did not surf for 5 minutes. They do not change society by criticism they change with their work. Join my blog to change my blog u cannot change my blog with your criticism. Thank you so much for you comment

                                        7. amir

                                          everything is done due to not obeying the instruction of PBUH

                                        8. huh.. love this post )

                                        9. all pictures are great and informative thanx for sharing them.

                                        10. Yasir

                                          good pic good effort from senders of these pics …
                                          Muhammad Yasir From Ali Pur Zila Muzaffar Garh.

                                        11. good pic.i m arif

                                        12. hum ko awazz uathani pare ge dosto

                                          • right wake up pakistnio

                                        13. kiya b is desh ko good bana chatain hain

                                        14. sumi

                                          good pics…specailly pic of daman-e-koh.. i love it.

                                        15. ashfaq

                                          sallam-o-alikum how is everybody?good efforts.

                                        16. آپکی کاوشیں نہایت قابل تعریف ہیں لیکن آپکی ویب سائیٹ یا آپکی محنت کو روزانہ کتنے لوگ دیکھ پاتے ہیں؟
                                          آپ کسی ایسے پلیٹ فارم کیساتھ کام کریں کہاں سے زیادہ سے زیادہ لوگ آپ سے مستفید ہو سکیں۔

                                        17. sharam ki bat hai yeah humare leaders k lie k itne begunna her roz shaeed ho rahe hain ……… berozgari ki bina per suicide ho rahe hain …… log apni jano ko chand peso k lie bech rahe hain sirf or sir leaders politicians ki waja se jo sirf apni bank balance increase kar rahe hain wo b abroad countries main ….. they just say we love pak and pak culture .. ager aap ko itna pakistani culture pasand hai tu apne bacho ko q abroad countries main proect q kia hua hai ……. from sidra

                                          • reza jon


                                            • reza jon

                                              iam afghan boy

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