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Picture of November 2009

November 25: Unavailability of public toilets bothered the persons in the picture to relieve themselves alongside the main road of PirWadhai Bus stop. The people, particularly women and children, badly suffer due to non-availability of public toilets at busy places and often relieve themselves on abandoned plots, and along the road sides not only ignoring all the ethical norms, also creating the worst form of environmental pollution.

    November 21: Security personnel gather at the site after 3 suicide bombers blew themselves up while running from police. According to eyewitnesses, three people who did not appear to be local, came running and fled from there after throwing goods-filled sacks there. According to police sources, on reports from local people, police and Civil Defence’s Bomb Disposal Squad reached on the spot near Assembly Hostel and took in custody three Kalashnikovs, 12 hand grenades, six rockets, a pistol and 18 magazines

      November 21: Parade Avenue leading to Constitution Avenue was partially opened on Saturday for VIP Movement.

        November 21: Sacrificial animals graze grass at the cattle market staged for Eid-ul-Azha.

          islamabad attack

          November 08: The bomb disposal squad is trying to defuse the suicide jacket recovered from the alleged suicide bomber who was shot dead by police when he tried to attack on a security check post in sector E-11. The body of the suicide attacker can also be seen in the picture.

            Pakistani police

            November 07: A boy runs as smoke rises from a jeep as a petrol bomb was blown in the jeep to check whether the vehicle was carrying any explosives or not. Use of such obsolete and extremely dangerous techniques by the police, speaks about the volume of lack of preparation to tackle any terrorism incident.

              train accident

              November 03: A view of an accident of a luggage train collided with a passenger train (Allama Iqbal Express) near Jumma Goth the area of Landhi. 10 people are reported who lost their lives and around 45 got injuries and shifted to Jinnah hospital and other nearest hospitals.

                Islamabad, Pakistan

                November 03: People carrying placards participating in a (Black Day) rally against Musharaf’s Emergency of 3rd November 2007, in front of Supreme Court.

                  Lahore Babu blast1

                  November 02: Security personnel inspect the car which was used in a blast at Babu Sabu Motorway Interchange. Five policemen were injured in the blast which took place when a car rammed into the police check post.

                    Islamabad, Pakistan

                    November 02: Security personnel inspecting the site of a suicide blast which occurred on Rawalpindi’s busy Mall Road at 10:40 am near National Bank of Pakistan. At least 34 people were feared dead, while more than 45 were reportedly injured and shifted in RGH and other hospitals.

                      peshawar blast

                      November 01: People gather during demolishing of destroyed buildings at Meena Bazaar after the blast incident.

                        sun set

                        November 01: A beautiful view of sunset of 1st November, from Islamabad.

                          shahbaz shareef vehicle

                          November 01: A trader Mian Idrees stopped the convoy of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif during his protest against Rana Sanaullah Khan and his brother in law Rana Ijaz, the alleged supporters of land mafia, in Faisalabad

                            winter clothes

                            November 01: People selecting warm clothes ahead of winter season, in Saddar.

                              sorabgoat protest

                              November 01: Security personnel standing alert after arresting Afghanis from Afghan Basti in the area of Sohrab Goth.







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