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Army to announce a State of Emergency in Pakistan

Okaz, JEDDAH – Pakistani military sources said Friday that the army was considering announcing a state of emergency in the country following the deterioration of the security situation as the military operation continues against the Taleban. The sources said that a National Security Council meeting due to be held within the next 48 hours will …

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Public looks at army when democratic govt’s fail, says Musharraf

Former President Pervez Musharraf has said that he did not leave the country under a deal with the current government underlining that public looks towards the army when the democratic government fails. “I did not leave government through any kind of deal”, EX-President told Journalists and host of Pakistanis here on Monday. He said that …

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Is Pakistan to hit another Marshall Law?

———————————————– Now visit http://www.jazba.co.cc for more stories I will also pray 5 times a day if Shariat implements: Sheikh Rashid 100 most powerful persons on earth, COAS General Kiani on 19th position Musharraf offers to return to power in Pakistan Pregnant women with morning sickness have brighter kids: study IS there anyone to raise voice …

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