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Stay single, stay slim

A new study conducted by the University of North Carolina says that the loving relationship between married couples increases their waistline too. Couples start piling on the pounds in about 12 months after getting hitched. Two researchers, Penny Gordon-Larsen, an associate professor of nutrition, and Natalie The, a nutrition doctoral student, both with the University …

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Laughter May Be Good for the Heart, Study Finds

A daily dose of laughter may be good for the heart because, like exercise, it makes blood vessels work more efficiently, U.S. researchers reported. Depression, on the other hand, can raise the risk of dying from heart failure, a separate study found. The two studies, presented at a meeting of the American College of Cardiology …

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Watch more TV, die in younger age: Study

Australian scientists in their study proved that people who watched too much TV in their routine life die in younger age then those who do not watch TV for hours. The report says every extra hour spent watching television increases people’s risk of premature death. In a study by Melbourne Institute the scientists research eight …

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