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“Largest Flaming Candle Image”: Sandoz breaks the Guinness World Record

Sandoz Division of Novartis Pharma, Pakistan Ltd. attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the “Largest Flaming Candle Image” category with flamed 35478 candles, in Hotel Serena, at Faisalabad. Record attempt was made to celebrate the World Human Rights Day and to highlight that every person has the right to have access basic health …

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Pakistan sets new Guinness World Record by planting maximum saplings

Pakistan on Wednesday has set a new global record in the Guinness World Record by planting maximum number of sapling of Mangroves in a single day. Ministry of Environment has planted more than 5,41,000 mangroves sapling in a single day and broken Indian record of 4,47,874. The campaign was Provincial Environment Minister, Sindh Forest Department, …

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