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A proposal to build a South Asian Union (SAU) like European Union by expanding SAARC states

His Excellencies, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, Head of Governments & States, Political & Religious Leaders, Intellectuals, Educationists, Economists, Welfare Organizations, Mass People of South Asian region. Peace be upon all of you, history is repeating from the creation of human life till now and will be repeated until the last final judgment of Creator. Actually, …

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There is something these leaders of our’s know about Pakistan which we don’t

A Worrying Question I was invited for a dinner by my colleague who is a British born Pakistani. An Indian Muslim doctor was also a guest. As per usual the conversation trickled towards what was happening in Pakistan. The Indian doctor said something which made me feel very small. He said: “When the leaders of …

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Pakistan stages Olympic flame relay

ISLAMABAD: The Olympic flame witnessed its tenth-stop relay in Sports Complex of Islamabad on Wednesday with Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani attending the opening and celebration ceremonies. The colourful ceremony took place behind closed doors at a sports stadium in Islamabad Youngsters waved Pakistani flags and cheered as the flame …

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