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Names of those who embraced shahadat in Parade Lane mosque attack

In a highly tragic incident 36 innocent people including 17 children, 10 civilian, 9 Army personnel embraced shahadat when terrorists attacked a mosque in Parade Lane, Rawalpindi, Saddar today.

Reportedly 4 terrorists approached a mosque inside officers residential colony in Parade Lane, Rawalpindi Saddar and hurled grenades on Namazies followed by indiscriminate firing.

Meanwhile two suicide bombers entered the Mosque and blew themselves killing 35 Namazies who were offering Jumma prayers. Security forces personnel in the area responded immediately and 2 other terrorists were killed in exchange of fire.

75 personnel were injured in the same incident. Names of those who embraced shahadat are as under:-

S/No Rank Name

1. Major General Umer Bilal

2. Brigadier Abdul Rauf

3. Lieutenant Colonel Fakhar

4. Lieutenant Colonel Manzoor Saeed

5. Major Zahid

6. Major (Retd) Shoaib

7. Naik Masood

8. Sepoy Abdul Qayyum

9. Sepoy Sarwar

10. Child Bilal Riaz S/O Major General Nasim Riaz

11. Child Ali Hassan S/O Colonel Shabbir

12. Child Hassan S/O Colonel Shukhran

13. Child Sadaul Hassan S/O Lieutenant Colonel Fakhar

14. Child Zamin S/O Engineer Akmal Hussain

15. Child Qaisar Khan S/O Syed Akbar

16. Child Adil Rauf S/O Abdul Raud

17. Child Muhammad Khan S/O Sultan Bakhsh

18. Child Fazal Khan S/O Madad Khan

19. Child Hashim

20. Saad Sadiq S/O Brigadier ® Sadiq

21. Name not known S/O Brigadier Mumtaz

22. Name not known S/O Colonel Qaiser

23. Name not known S/O Colonel Kaleem Zubair

24. Name not known S/O Lieutenant Colonel Shoaib

25. Name not known S/O Major Saleem

26. Name not known S/O Major Ahsan

27. Deputy Director NLC Taskeen

28. F/O Major General Awais Mustafa

29. F/O Colonel Kaleem Zubair

30. F/O Lieutenant Colonel Farooq Awan

31. Civilian Kahlid Javed

32. Civilian Ghulam Mujtaba

33. Civilian Javed S/O Ghani Khan

34. Civilian Muhammad Fiaz

35. Civilian Asad

36. Civilian Name not known


Ø Officers 06

Ø Soldiers 03

Ø Children 17

Ø Civilian 10




  1. aima

    we r sorry on the sad dismiss of these people.but what was the fault of these innocent children who r killed.we should solute Pakistan Army .live long Pakistan Army

  2. 20. Saad Sadiq

  3. Ayaz

    Is it a humain act of doing such act. I believ that even non Mulim cannot do this inhuman act. As these attackers killed with shouting. What will they face Allah in Here After if the say that they are Muslim

  4. Mansoor Ahmad

    It was absolutely a sad incident. I condemn with very hot words. Allah in ko is duniya main gharat karay aur Akhrat main to in ka bura thikana hay.

  5. Muhammad Mahed Ahsan

    Ahmed Aayan Ahsan is the name of the son of Major Ahsan.And it is not ”Zamin Hussain” its ”Zamil Hussain” the son of Engineer Akmal Hussain.

  6. Haris Ahmad

    Today is 23rd March 2010, Pakistan Day. It is my prayer that may Allah Almighty grant a high stature in Paradise to all the martyrs of Parade Lane & give strenght to their families & friends to bear this tragic loss. May Allah give His Hidayat to these terrorists who kill innocent people in the name of Islam. If there is no Hidayat destined for them then may Allah bring them to a calamitous end & rid us of them. May Allah give stability, peace & prosperity to Pakistan. Amen.
    Pakistan Zindabad!

    Our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) used to instruct Muslim armies not to harm women, children & old men when they went on battles. These were non-Muslim innocent people who were not supposed to be harmed by Muslims in battle. What these terrorists are doing in Pakistan is not Islam. They killed children, & that too Muslim children & people who were not even in battle but were offering Allah’s prayers in Allah’s mosque. So sad… may Allah give Hidayat to these terrorists

  7. syeda

    the child was abdullah s/o maj saleem just 8 yrz old he was


    Salute to those who embraced SHAHADAT.I witnessed all what happened on 4 DEC,2009 and i will never be able to forget those terrible scenes.My only brother lost the most precious gift from ALLAH that is his right eye. ONE year has been passed since the tragic incident of PARADE LANE but still when i remember that time tears don’t stop!I JUST want to convey this message to the terrorists that your cowardly acts cannot make us weak.We will not hesitate to shower our lives to save our country. In the end i would like to pay my tribute to all the SHUHADAS and GHAZIS of PARADE LANE. LIVE LONG PAKISTAN. PAK ARMY ZINDABAD…!

    • zahra ypusuf


  9. zahra ypusuf

    it is really sad. i used 2 study in froebels n sme kids i think 2 also died from my skool. may Allah give them heaven.
    inshahallah n amin.

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